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In the fall of 2013, several average engineering graduate students at the University of Delaware decided to become DJs for WVUD. With no idea of what to present for a show, they decided on Science because ... it ROCKS! As WVUD's only full-length science show, we bring you exciting information about science research from the University of Delaware and around the world.

All of the DJs for the show hail from the April Kloxin Lab Group, where we are involved in biomaterials research to study and treat human disease.  However, our love for science is not limited to our own research field! We are fascinated by all fields of study and the potential they hold for the progression of science and the development of new technology. Our show is centered around this fascination, and each week we strive to bring exciting stories from interviews with graduate students at UD to the latest news in science.


Every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 pm, Science Rocks airs on WVUD The Basement, the student-run radio station at the University of Delaware. The show is divided into segments including a guest researcher interview, science news, and discussion of todays latest science issues, interspersed with music ranging from classic rock to folk. Contact Us during the show to make song requests and ask questions on the scientific topics presented.


Science itself is a collaborative process, so we would love to hear what you want on the show!  If you would like to make music requests or have any questions on the topics presented during the show, Contact Us.  

We welcome anyone who is doing scientific research to take part in an interview to present their work.  Contact Lisa Sawicki if you are interested in coming on the show for an interview.  For suggestions on discussion topics during "Megan's Mind", contact Megan Smithmyer.

Special thanks to the University of Delaware Systems Biology of Cells in Engineered Environments IGERT program and NSF DMR Biomaterials Program (DMR-1253906) for funding.